Female Dentists, Pros and Cons

For physical comfort reasons, one benefit of having female dentists is that they typically have smaller hands so it’s easier for them to work in the patient’s mouth without causing them much discomfort. Also, women are known to listen better than men, and be more attentive and intuitive towards others, making a patient feel that their [...]

Female Dentists, Pros and Cons2018-02-23T14:34:28+00:00

Family Dentist, How They Can Help You

A Family Dentist is different from other dentists, since they are not limited to one specific age group like pediatric dentists or specialty dentists, they can treat any age person which makes them perfect for families. Children often fear the dentist, and other medical things, so building trust with one dentist is important for their oral [...]

Family Dentist, How They Can Help You2018-02-23T14:34:28+00:00