Though all dentists are trained similarly, get the same education, and must pass the same tests to become certified dentists, some patients may feel more comfortable with either a male or female dentist specifically, while others may be indifferent to the gender of their dentist. Some feel that there are benefits to having a female dentist versus a male dentist.

For physical comfort reasons, one benefit of having a female dentist is that they typically have smaller hands so it’s easier for them to work in the patient’s mouth without causing them as much discomfort as it would with a male dentist, whose hands would typically be bigger and less comfortable in the patient’s mouth. Also females are generally seen as more compassionate and nurturing, which might make a patient feel more comfortable or at home, especially if that patient is a child or an elderly individual. Also women are known to listen better than men, and be more attentive and intuitive towards others, making a patient feel that their problems are being fully heard and understood.

Another benefit to having a female dentist instead of a male dentist is that females are more conservative in their approach and in the solutions they offer, according to certain studies. This might be helpful for patients who don’t enjoy having too much work done on their mouth or who want a solution but have expenses to consider, helping the patient with money in the long run. Additionally, because women are typically more gentle than men, a patient who has a fear of the dentist may feel more at ease with a woman dentist. Female dentists have also been known to be better at prevention techniques and provide more at home solutions than male dentists, which can be helpful for patients who are looking for this type of technique.  Some people may prefer a dentist of the same or opposite gender than themselves. Regardless of what gender your dentist happens to be, they will all be skilled enough to treat you appropriately, these are only opinions after all.

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