Dental Crowns – Do I Need Them?

Dental crowns completely cap, or enclose, a tooth or implant to restore your smile. Crowns are fixed to the teeth or implants so that they are permanently cemented and won’t move. With crowns, you can [...]

Dental Implants – Why You Could Need Them

Dental Implants in Livonia, MI Dental Implants are artificial tooth roots that embedded into the jawbone to provide a stable base for a single “tooth” or denture, referred to as an implant retained denture. The [...]

Childrens Dentist – Are They Really That Different?

Childrens Dentist Specialists in Livonia, MI A childrens dentist can be incredibly similar and different from an adult’s dentist. These dentists specialize in providing dental care to children and address their specific needs. The are [...]

Family Dentist – When to Take Your Child

Family Dentist in Livonia, MI A Family Dentist is the perfect option when you wish to take your child to the same person that you go to. Unlike pediatric dentist family dentists can take care [...]

Dental Implants – Why Should I Get Them?

Dental Implants in Livonia, MI Dental Implants are tooth “roots” that are artificial and embedded into the jaw bone on either side. The “root” over time fuses to the jaw bone which creates a stable [...]

Dental Crowns, Why Would I Need One?

Dental crowns are caps that are placed over teeth too restore their size, shape, strength, color and more. Sometimes crowns are used in conjunction with root canals to protect the newly sealed tooth for further [...]

Root Canal, When Should You Get One?

A root canal is a way to save damaged or infected teeth. The process begins with the dentist removing the damaged area within the tooth, this is called the pulp. Then the dentist seals the [...]

Children’s Dentist Pros & Cons

A children’s dentist, or pediatric dentist, provides specialty and primary care to infants and children through adolescence. This includes patients with specific health issues or needs. Children need specialized care because their teeth and [...]

Female Dentist, Why You Should Choose One

A female dentist is exactly what it sounds like, a dentist who is a female. These dentists can work on men and children as well as females, don’t let the name fool you. Male [...]

Family Dentist Pros and Cons

A Family Dentist can be beneficial to everyone. Since they are not limited treating to one specific age group, like pediatric dentists or specialty dentists, they can treat anyone at any age which makes them [...]