Dental Crowns are a dental restoration tool that complete caps or encloses the tooth or implant. These crowns are cemented to the teeth, or implants, so that they are permanently fixed and will not move when talking, eating, or brushing. Only a dental professional can remove dental crowns from your mouth, so if you want it removed it is imperative that you don’t attempt to do it yourself. Besides protecting the teeth from more damage these crowns can strengthen the teeth, improve appearance, shape, and alignment.

Do dental crowns hurt? The short answer is no. The dentist will use anesthesia on the patient when fitting the crown or temporary crown, so they will feel no pain or discomfort. The procedure to get the dental crown is simple, while it can take multiple appointments it is an easy and relatively comfortable procedure. If the dental crown hurts after its been fixed to the tooth or implant, then you will need to speak to the dentist about what is going on. The dentist will always have your oral health and comfort in mind when recommending and performing procedures.

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