Dental crowns completely cap, or enclose, a tooth or implant to restore your smile. Crowns are fixed to the teeth or implants so that they are permanently cemented and won’t move. With crowns, you can eat, talk, and even brush your teeth like normal and won’t experience any disruption because the crowns are permanently attached. These crowns not only restore teeth, but they also protect them from damage and strengthen them while approving shape, alignment, and appearances.

Do you need dental crowns? If you’ve been recommended for crowns, then yes. If you have missing or deteriorating teeth, then yes. There are many reasons for missing or deteriorating teeth and crowns help to restore your smiles and functionality regardless of the reason. If you are embarrassed by your smile because of missing or decaying teeth we can help you with our high quality and lifelike crowns. Since crowns are permanent they can be cared for like regular teeth. They also will last a lot longer than other alternatives.

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