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Dental implants, or implant retained dentures, are replacement teeth that are made up of artificial tooth roots that are embedded in the jaw. These artificial roots become fused to the jaw bone creating a stable foundation for a denture to sit on top of. Traditional dentures, not implants retained, can be difficult sometimes and make it hard to speak or can move around while eating, implants prevent those disturbances. It is important to weight the pros and cons of anything, this is no different.

There are always going to be positives and negatives for everything, dental implants are no different. Unlike traditional dentures implants are permanently fixed to the jaw bone. This means that there is a more stable foundation and they are “permanently” secured. They can be taken out by a professional if needed. There is no need to worry about sticky adhesives or worry that your dentures could fall out while eating or talking. Implants however are a more in-depth procedure and can take multiple visits and a little longer than traditional dentures.

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