A female dentist is exactly what it sounds like, a dentist who is a female. These dentists can work on men and children as well as females, don’t let the name fool you. Male and female dentists have the exact same training and are required to pass the same tests and have the same certifications as each other. The difference in which dentist to choose is up to the patient, one person might feel comfortable with a female or another a male.

You should choose a female dentist if you are a woman and feel more comfortable with a woman performing services on you. Female hands are also typically smaller than males so it might be more comfortable when they have to work in the mouth, it is also easier for the dentist since they can fit easier. Females are usually seen as more compassionate in their care and gentler with patients. Women are also known to be better listeners, more attentive and intuitive towards others, this makes the patient feel that their problems are being heard and understood.

Female Dentist in Livonia, MI

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