Male & Female Dentist Differences

A Female dentist and a male dentist do not initially seem all that different. They have to go through the same schooling and training and both must be certified. There are however some differences that can change the way a patient is treated and cared for. While the differences are not major they are present, and these differences can make a patient either more or less comfortable. At Dental Smiles of Livonia, we treat every patient like they are part of the family and our friendly and knowledgeable staff can make anyone feel right at home.

Are Female dentists any different from male dentists? It might not seem like there would be any differences based solely on gender, but it turns out that there are. While the differences are not necessarily striking they are there, for example a female dentist will typically have smaller hands than their male counterpart, this can make it easier for them to work inside a patient’s mouth while being more comfortable for the patient. Female dentists are also typically more nurturing and better listeners, this allows them to hear the concerns of the patient and plan treatment accordingly.

Local and Trusted Female Dentist

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