A Female dentist and a male dentist do not seem all that different at first glance. They have to go through the same schooling and training and both must be certified in order to practice dentistry legally. There are some differences that can change the way a patient is treated and cared for between the two. Female dentists can provide different benefits than a male dentist and these can make a patient more comfortable based on their preferences. At Dental Smiles of Livonia, we treat every patient like they are part of the family and our friendly and knowledgeable staff can make anyone feel right at home.

Why do some people prefer a female dentist over a male dentist? There could be many reasons. Female dentists tend to have smaller hands than their male counterparts, this can make it more comfortable for the patient and easier for the dentist when they have to get in the mouth and work. Female dentists are also typically better listeners and more nurturing based on various studies, this allows them to hear the concerns of the patient and plan treatment accordingly. Historically female dentists take a different approach to treatment as well. There are multiple reasons to choose a female vs a male dentist, you just have to do what is more comfortable for you.

Local and Trusted Female Dentist

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