A root canal is a way to save damaged or infected teeth. The process begins with the dentist removing the damaged area within the tooth, this is called the pulp. Then the dentist seals the tooth to protect it. Pulp can be damaged in many ways including prior trauma, cracked tooth, cavity, or infections. The dentist cleans the inside of the tooth where the pulp once was which gets rid of the bacteria and creates a healthier tooth and overall healthier mouth.

When should you get a root canal? If your dentist has suggested that you get one, it’s probably time. If you are experiencing jaw or tooth pain this can also be assign you might need one, it is always important to visit a dentist to be sure. The longer you put off treatment the worse it gets, do yourself a favor and see the dentist at the first sign of dental discomfort. The dentist will x-ray your mouth and determine if this is the best course of action. Root canals can sometimes take up to two visits since crowns are often used on top of the tooth that has had the root canal.

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