Root canals are a treatment that removes the pulp from the tooth that has become infected or inflamed and then sealed. The pulp is scooped out and the inside of the tooth is cleaned, then the dentist will use a sealant to make sure that the opening is closed, and nothing can get into it. This process not only makes you more comfortable, but it protects the tooth from further injury or decay. The procedure is done under anesthesia so that the patient is completely comfortable and in no pain. Some people say it is even easier then a tooth extraction.

Root canals are a process in which the natural tooth is saved for the patient. This means no pulling of the tooth and the natural look of the tooth will remain. Its it also a virtually painless procedure, unlike pulling a tooth. Root canals are efficient and even more cost-effective than other alternatives. Along with these benefits you will also get the peace of mind knowing that you have saved your natural tooth and are no longer in any pain.

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