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Root canals are needed when patients have badly damaged or infected teeth. Through this process the dentist removes the damaged of infected area within the tooth (called pulp) and then seals it afterwards. Pulp can become infected or damaged for many reasons including a cavity that wasn’t taken care of in time, cracked teeth, infections or other prior trauma. When the dentist cleans the inside of the tooth, they remove all of the bacteria that is causing it to become infected and unhealthy, this gives way to a healthier tooth and overall better oral hygiene.

If you are experiencing oral pain don’t wait, call the dentist immediately. If you are experiencing persistent tooth or jaw pain the dentist can help you find the root cause and let you know if a root canal is necessary. The dentist can perform an x-ray and determine if a root canal is the right call, if it is you will be put under anesthesia and the dentist will remove the infected pulp and then replace it with a filling. The dentist will then seal the tooth and, if necessary, place a crown or cap on top of it to give it extra protection. If you are experiencing jaw or tooth pain and think that you might need a root canal contact the dentist today to learn more about the procedure and whether it’s right for you.

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