Orthodontics is the formal name of the dental specialty dealing with diagnosis, prevention, interception, guidance and correction of bad bites. The purpose is to create a healthy bite, this is done by straightening teeth and making sure that the teeth and jaw properly meet the opposing sides, using braces and aligners. This makes it easier to bite and chew as well as speak.

Correction may be recommended if your teeth are crowded, meet in an abnormal way, spaced too far apart or do not meet at all. Braces and aligners are most commonly used to guide the teeth into the proper position, retainers stabilize and preserve the results of the treatment.

This treatment has, in the past, been associated with children and teens, but today adults seek treatment to correct problems as well. These dentists can help people of all ages achieve healthy and beautiful smiles.

Dr. Kristal is a trained general dentist that can make a recommendation for braces to be done by a specialist.