Whitening Your Teeth For A New You

Teeth whitening now could not be any easier. At Dental Smiles of Livonia we provide in-office teeth whitening that is fast, safe, and effective at removing surface stains. Our procedures are completely painless that will deliver great results. We take pride in providing you with results that you will love.

Whitening Teeth At Home – GLO System

News have been circulating about the teeth whitening device called GLO System, which claims to give you professional – level teeth whitening results at home. It works by combining LED light and warming heat to accelerate whitening for faster and more effective results easily at home. You will need 32 minutes daily for 5 consecutive days to use the teeth whitening system at home.

Want to Learn More About Whitening Your Teeth?

Here at Dental Smiles of Livonia we are proud to provide our community the best dental care possible. Are you interested in learning more about whitening your teeth? If you are thinking about it, call to schedule an appointment to talk about it with the dentist. Our number is (734) 525-2552 and don’t forget about our emergency phone number in case you have a dental emergency and need immediate help at (734) 634-4077 or contact us online.