If you and your spouse have children and you want to find a dentist who can treat all of you at the same office, you should see a family dentist. A family dentist is trained to treat people of all ages and can see an individual from childhood throughout their entire life. This dentist is trained to do everything a regular or general dentist can do, such as perform cleanings and checkups, fillings, sealants, whitening and so much more. These dentists can often perform orthodontia, teeth extraction and root canals as well as normal procedures. The benefit is that this type of dentist understands the oral lifespan from childhood through adulthood and can spot developmental problems and fix any issue a member of your family might have in regards to their oral care.

You should see a family dentist for many reasons, but one of the biggest and best ones is the convenience. You can overlap appointments so that you only have to make one or two trips to the dentist’s office, rather than having a separate appointment at a separate office or offices for each member of your family. This limits time you or your spouse have to take off work and limits the amount of time that the kids miss school and other activities. Another benefit is that billing will take place all in one location and with one provider, so it’s easier to pay, get questions answered, and get problems resolved should they arise. You have the opportunity to create a lifelong relationship with your dentist, which is beneficial because that dentist will understand your oral health history and any problems you might have had in the past or currently, and will then be able to treat you accordingly.

The office of a family dentist is typically kid-friendly, so that your child will be entertained while you’re in your appointment, they feel safe and secure when going in for their appointment, and you can be guaranteed that the dentist will know how to work with your child to provide the best and most careful treatments. Family dentists go through the same schooling as regular, or general, dentists but often continue their education to ensure they are specialized well enough to treat people of all ages. Call us today to schedule an appointment for you and your family members by calling us today at (734) 525-2552  , and don’t forget about our emergency number in case you have a dental emergency and need immediate help at (734) 634-4077.